Corina Toledo

I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. At twenty two, I settled in Venezuela for eight years. I then decided to continue my studies of Physics and Mathematics, which I had begun in Chile.

But the course of life would be very different…

I came to Germany, studied Political Science and did my PhD in Augsburg. In this area, I work as a teacher and lecturer, having published several articles on various topics of my discipline. In late 1999, I moved with my children to Haimhausen, Munich, where I live now and where I teach my mother tongue, the universal Spanish language. A few years ago, I plunged into the world of painting. My own self-distrust in dealing with an unknown discipline became then enthusiasm and fascination with the various forms of expression that arose in front of me. Since then, I feel captivated and seduced by the arts. They do not mean for me a process of great strategies. I let the colours and the contingencies that occur in creation itself just flow. It is the action itself that motivates and inspires me, booted by some sort of Dadaist pleasure. Although each work is at first an act of intuition, feelings and emotions which follow a spontaneous rhythm it is, however, through a conscious reflection that my pictures succeed in reaching their forms and structures.

Moreover, creation, composition and the source of my paintings are definitely results of intellectual and emotional impulses, whose origins can be both, in my social and political concerns as in my personal ones. That’s why I choose a wide variety of materials at the time of creating my paintings. I may use acrylic, fine natural pigments or stuff from nature as bark, leaves, flowers, and packing remains, too.