Art is protest, art is the way we live, think, observe, act and create a work of art, art is what we stand for and what we fight for. Art is peace but art is also a battle, where you stand for all your values, where you strive with your artistic creation and expression for a more just world.

Art is learning to create what you believe and to live what you create. Art is communicating your values through artistic language with others. Through art you can hold your standpoint and let your work encourage others to stand alongside one another to struggle for the same goal. Art for me as a woman is a chance to create a better world for all the children, even the children of my enemy.

I am so proud to be part of this project and to be able to stand next to woman who have gone through so much suffering and pain and still manage to stand strong, take care of their children, be there for their families and share their stories with us. It is an amazing opportunity to have them personally share with us their experiences.