Anna Bitaeva

Ukrainian artist. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from National Academy of Managerial School of Modern Art Staff of Culture and Arts. PhD student  at the  Institute of Modern Art Research, Kiev. Member of UAFRA

Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Active in painting, photography and installations. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. Participated in  more than 60 national and international exhibitions

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Bitaeva Anna

Select exhibitions:

2018  Secuencias, International Spain-Ukrainian exhibition, Centro Civico Delicias, Zaragoza, Spain

2018  Numeri Esse: Rhythms of being ,Museum of the History of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2018  Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest , Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2018  Blockchain Art Presentation , U2Europe m, Berlin, Germany/ Press Club Brussels Europe. Brussels, Belgium/Ecole 42. Paris, France/ Lux Future Lab. Luxembourg, Luxembourg. / B.Building Business. Amsterdam, Netherlands /Institute of Cryptoanarchy / Prague, Czech Republic

2018  International Art Exhibition Art-Professional / USA/ China/ Austria/ Japan

2017– International Art Exhibition Art-Professional / Germany/ Mexico /Ukraine

2017 – BlockChain Art Hackathon, I place , Unit city, Kyiv, Ukraine


Participation in this project is incredibly interesting and cognitive for me. The topic „Women in the Arts“ has become surprisingly popular. Contemporary art has no limits and borders. Therefore, old stereotypes and domination of men in the artistic environment started to disappear gradually . These changes require significant efforts to show that gender as such does not determine the quality of art objects. In my opinion, these efforts need support and motivation. Participation in this project is very inspiring and motivating for me. It once again proves that everything is doable if one confidently pursues one’s goal.

Bitaeva Anna:  „ Flight“ Triptych,  2019, acrylic on canvas, 3x 70×50 cm